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MOAS IMPERIAL GROUP is a diverse, high-powered and a multi-sectored group of companies. MOAS IMPERIAL GROUP is a diverse, high-powered and a multi-sectored group of companies. The organization has gotten involved in series of projects which are spread across numerous sectors in Nigeria. The Organization has the proverbial finger in every pie, as its interests include a broad range of projects which pan across the major states of the South West of Nigeria. These interests include, but are not limited to Construction (buildings and roads), Mining, Real Estate, Oil & Gas, FMCG Production, Imports and Exports. The Organization is also involved in Multimedia Production, Marketing and Sales through its Subsidiary, Imperial Media Limited. Moas Imperial is made up of a solid team of well-trained professionals that have the requisite skills and expertise in their respective fields. Their competence and proficiency in their various disciplines is unmatched and unparalleled.

What we do

At MOAS IMPERIAL, we pride ourselves on our manifold and varied interests. This gives us the ability to execute any given project, no matter what the project entails.


  • Initiate Capital/Investment Projects in every Sector of the economy including Construction, Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, And Public Works.
  • Source and syndicate Finances for Viable Projects Prepare Cost Plan and Financial statements for projects Analyze Project Feasibility and viability.
  •  Prepare Environmental Impact Analysis for varied Projects.

Our Mission & Vision

MOAS Imperial Group aspires to evolve into becoming the leading source of basic human needs in Nigeria. We strive to capture the market leadership in Moulding Plaster Manufacturing, Gold and Precious stones Mining, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, and Consumer Goods Manufacturing. Our goal is to bring a touch of royalty to every Nigerian household.

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